Guy Hinks Photographer | Clients' Comments


Comments Kindly Left by Clients.

“Guy is my first choice when it comes to photographers in Scotland. He's brilliant with all types of people and he always provides a great service. From sharing his national picture desk contacts in order to help sell a story in to getting the very best out of the people he's photographing, he's always been reliable and creative. Ultimately, he takes great photos which can be used straightaway for the intended purpose.” Faizal Vohra,  Lancashire. 

“I have worked with Guy for three years and have always been very impressed with the quality of his work. He has a great understanding of what a client is looking for, and remains enthusiastic, even after a 15 hour shoot! I would not hesitate to recommend Guy to anyone looking for professional business photography, and am looking forward to working with him again this year.”  Louise Harley,  Glasgow.

“I have used Guy to take corporate images for my company on a number of occasions. I love his work and both myself and my team thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoots as Guy builds rapport easily and puts everyone at their ease. I have used other photographers in the past but now we only use Guy as the quality of his work is so high and he is so easy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Carolyn Dunion, Glasgow. 


“It is testament to Guy’s professional manner and skill that we have commissioned him again and again over the last few years to work on a number of our projects. Regardless of the composition of images required, Guy has always delivered the desired results, and we would happily recommend him to others.”  Eleanor Wilson, Glasgow

“Guy is a professional and experienced photographer. His work helped boost my portfolio and secure me with future work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.”  Nikki Lindsay, Model, Glasgow.

“Guy is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. After working with photographers and directors from Glasgow, Edinburgh, London to LA I consider him one of the best for his work, integrity and passion for photography. I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with Guy while in Scotland and would recommend him on an international level.” Sabrina Wynn, Model, USA.

“Guy has done a fantastic job for me on 2 occasions with 2 very different subjects! Action shots for a sports magazine and family shots of my 2 year old nephew! Both tasks carried out with patience, humour and beautiful results. I'd thoroughly recommend him!” Carly MacGregor,  Glasgow.

 “I had the pleasure of hiring Guy for my wedding. We were really chuffed with the results. He took over 350 pictures. They were all so good it made it a difficult choice when it came to selecting the best for the album! Paul Eadie, Happy Husband, Glasgow. 

“Guy photographically covered a day with us at Greywalls,essentially documenting a day in the life.He was unobtrusive and managed to put the entire brigade at ease shooting some 700 photos in the course of the day.Professional,dedicated and thorough would describe his conduct during this very long day.The quality of his work is some of the best photography I've ever seen;he managed to present with his photographs the perfect juxtaposition of capturing a moment in time and also allowing a single photograph to describe the environment in which it was taken.Top kitchens move fast and yet have a precision and grace that unless you are familiar with you'd miss.Guy captured this beautifully.Not only would I recommend Guy,I look forward to working with him again” David Williams, Chef, Suffolk, England.