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I am a Multi-Award-Winning Photographer based in Scotland but covering the whole of the UK.


I was not always a photographer though.


I left University and found my dream job in a Court Traineeship helping clients in the areas of Crime, Family Law and Mental Health Appeals.


After a few years as a Lawyer I decided to act on advice I had received from a very wise friend: that "life's not the rehearsal, it's the real thing". So my partner and I quit our jobs, sold the house and went travelling for about 2 and a half years living and working in Australia, New Zealand and Nepal among others.


On returning I knew where my passion lay - during my travels I had learned how to use a camera and had spent every spare minute trying to get the best out of every photo opportunity from Mountains in Nepal to Rickshaw Drivers in Kathmandu. This was in the time of film where weight and cost of images counted. 


I therefore sought advice from a Fine Art and Commercial photographer who advised me to "follow my passion" and go for it.


So in 2008 I did - I quit my job as a Solicitor and then the career in photography began - and I have not looked back since.


I love the variety that my job offers - I have photographed Billy Connelly and met the second highest Law Lord in the UK and been invited to work in close proximity with Royalty. On top of that I have shot helicopters, scaffolding steps and a Cook Book. There are rarely two days the same. 


On a personal level I have spent the last 31 years with my partner (we clearly met very young) and am Personal Butler to a teenage daughter and three Flat Coated Retrievers. With all the spare time left (!) I skydive (also shooting skydiving stills and video) and play the Bagpipes. 


Please have a look around the website - the Galleries should be easy to navigate and please check out the Blog Page -  there are share buttons which you may wish to use and please feel free to leave feedback - I'd love to know what you think of the images.


Thanks again.



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