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Business Headshots


A business headshot is your personal brand shop window. And you'll want to make that all-important first impression. I can photograph your headshot at your office with a mobile studio. You will see the head shots on the day and will be able to select your headshot for post-production. I can shoot headshots for individuals to large groups. If you wish your business headshot to help you stand out from the crowd, or have a team whose headshots need to be consistent and shot efficiently, contact me to discuss your requirements. 

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Business Portraits

Business PortraitBUSINESS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHYPortrait Photography taken usually for editorial or PR purposes.

A business portrait will tell more of a story than a single headshot. The Business Portrait will incorporate information on the Business by way of branding or context. It will be a photographic story. A business portrait will be helpful if, for example, a business announcement is anticipated, or a business award is likely. The business portrait can also be helpful if a Press Release Picture is needed which is indeed the most common reason to be called by a PR Company or Marketing team to arrange a professional photoshoot. Frequently a business portrait will be either a stand alone shot or part of a suite of images for future use. 

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PR Photography

PR PhotographPR PHOTOGRAPHYPR Photography in Scotland and the UK.

You may be a PR Company or a Marketing Professional and need eye-catching photography and press-friendly PR images to launch an exciting new product or service.  Or you may need creative PR photography for a magazine feature.  I have made award-winning photographs for Charities, NHS Trusts, SMEs and Sole-Traders. From a portrait of Billy Connelly to helicopter landings on NHS buildings my PR photography has been seen in National Newspapers from the Scotsman to online use by the BBC helping the client reach their desired audience.

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Food and Product Photography

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHYFOOD PHOTOGRAPHYFood Photography - Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

From sizzling spices to food packaging, I have shot images which have excited the palate and been a feast for the eyes. I shot the food photography for the Cook School Scotland's Cook Book and have, for restaurants, photographed dishes and drinks to entice the appetite. Michelin-starred restaurants to Award-winning pies and craft beers.  I've shot the lot. Not only can these food photographs be used on your own media, they can be used in PR and editorially, gaining  photographic mileage from your investment.  I can shoot beautiful food in flattering light, make stunning portraits of your staff with dynamic style and shoot the interiors and exteriors of your business beautifully to bring paying custom to your door. A one-stop, food photo shop. 

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Event Photography

corporate events glasgow and edinburgh ayrshire

I have photographed hundreds, if not thousands, of events, mostly for repeat clients. From black tie event photography in the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow to shooting a Fashion Event at Dumfries House (owned by HRH King Charles I have to add) to a modest one hour corporate event. I have vast experience in quality event photography.  An experienced event photographer will find flattering light for the photo, choose the perfect position for the image and anticipate the action; as well as ensuring comprehensive planning and detailed communication with the event organisers in advance. The mixture of event photography I have enjoyed spans photographing HRH The Queen on the Royal Rota to events involving photographing primary school children with BBC Children in Need to music photography. 

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Architecture - Interior Photography

Architectural Interior Photography for Glasgow Edinburgh ScotlandArchitectural Interior Photography for Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland1.12.21 GP PLANT GLASGOW Light, lines reflection and textures are the features I seek out when photographing a stunning interior. As you can see from the photograph above there is a collection of lines from the horizontal to the vertical and in between. Married to that is a reflection on the bowl and lights adding to the texture, making the photograph eye-catching. I have wide experience of photographing interiors from Scotland House in Brussels to NHS properties. From interior photography commissions shooting flooring to University student accommodation to Hotels, Sports Halls and Retail outlets. Key considerations are avoiding unwanted reflections, say in windows and making sure vertical lines are vertical: not falling away.  

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Architecture - Exterior Photography 

As with photographing interiors (and in fact a lot of my photography) light, lines, reflections and textures are the features I seek-out when photographing a beautiful building. I have photographed stunning modern residential properties for architects (looking for a case study for a competition) to NHS Boards wishing beautifully crafted images of their latest hospitals for their staff publications. From night shots of ultra-modern buildings to hotels, pubs, commercial buildings and sports centres. 

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Corporate Photography - Science and Technology

Corporate Photography ScotlandCorporate Photography Scotland16.3.23 KTP IMAGES LABS JAMES WEIR AND TIC

My client base includes a wide variety of those in STEM subjects from Primary Engineer to Scottish Engineering to private businesses such as Malin in Glasgow and others. This allows me privileged access to photograph multi-million pound science laboratories to making images of temporary engineering structures to capturing laser equipment in use and the shooting the welding processes for recruitment to courses. From photographing University departments specialising in the Crystallisation process to Knowledge Transfer Associates helping businesses refine processes, I have photographed them all. I use coloured photographic filters to bring an exciting element to the photograph and always have a think about matching the client's corporate colours to enhance the impact of their branding. 

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Other Photography Services

Other photography services provided by Guy include:

If what you need is not listed here Guy can be contacted on 07748 046 102 to discuss what you require — have a look at the Galleries »