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I love Food.

I love food photography.

It's my passion. I find it exciting.

Probably going back to my teens, working in my parents' restaurant during the summer, plating up Garnishes (as well as washing dishes by hand!). I was always told that customers "eat with their eyes".

I have photographed food Scotland-wide from packaging to Michelin-starred plates of perfection at the Honours Restaurant, Edinburgh.

I know the importance of incorporating texture, colour and shape to a dish. It's the detail that counts.

I can take your food images on location and will work with the chefs in advance to fine-tune what the dishes will look like when they are plated up and ready to shoot.

I have shot Food Images for suppliers, restaurants, a cook school, colleges and for the Game Chef of the Year Competition in Glasgow, Ayrshire, and throughout Scotland.

I am also proud to have been chosen to shoot the Cook School Scotland's Cook Book. Aileen Dick, Director at the Cook School Scotland wrote:-

"At The Cook School Scotland we have used Guy to photograph different events at the school. Guy is very professional, reliable and shows great care to detail. So when we created our 1st cook book we only considered Guy to do the photography. He did not disappoint the images are fantastic!"

Call now on 0774 8046102 or email [email protected]
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